Cufflinks Handmade from the Finest Jeweled Swiss Watch Movements Available. These Timepieces are as Beautiful as they are Rare. Select a Unique, One-of-a-kind Gift for Yourself or Someone Special.
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Gold Segmented Pocket Watch with Owl Necklace - $165.00

There are times when pieces are created by experimenting with different combinations until the right look is achieved. Then there are times when the pieces almost fall together in perfect unison, as though they were made to be together and only needed a helping hand to finally be reunited. This necklace definitely falls within that second category. This antique gold segmented pocket watch movement has years of age and wear built up on its surface. And this vintage owl finding has a finish that looks as though it were created from the same metal as the pocket watch. It sits perched on its branch as if it were just another segmented bar and it blends into the background in the same way an owl blends into the branches and escapes detection from its prey. A totally unique creation. The pocket watch movement and the amount of wear may vary on this piece, as we have several gold segmented pocket watches available to recreate this necklace, yet the style will be the same and will certainly be stunning. The pocket watch pendant measures approximately 1-3/8 inches in diameter and the brass rolo chain is approximately 18 inches in length.

Gold Segmented Pocket Watch with Owl Necklace
Gold Segmented Pocket Watch with Owl Necklace - $165.00


Gold Segmented Pocket Watch with Owl Necklace


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