Cufflinks Handmade from the Finest Jeweled Swiss Watch Movements Available. These Timepieces are as Beautiful as they are Rare. Select a Unique, One-of-a-kind Gift for Yourself or Someone Special.
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Rolex Petite Round Jeweled Watch Cufflinks -  $2495.00

Although Rolex is a brand that speaks for itself, there are often details about the company that many, even devout Rolex aficionados, don't know. For example, were you aware that the founders of the company started in London? Though the founders of the Rolex Watch Company were selling watches as early as 1905, the move to Geneva, Switzerland did not occur until 1919. Rolex, as can be imagined, has and continues to serve as the official timekeeper for many events worldwide. A Rolex Oyster chronograph was used as a timing device for The Great Escape during WWII, while a Rolex DeepSea has been to the bottom of the Mariana Trench - and back - while not only withstanding the ocean's most extreme pressures, but also keeping perfect time. The list goes on and on, and though not the oldest watch company in existence, nor the most expensive of brands, Rolex is a world-renown company whose name is synonymous with quality. There are few brands with such global reach and instantaneous recognition. If you are wearing a Rolex watch, that is all you need to know. Leave all the second guessing to those who aren't.

Watch-Cufflinks is exceptionally humbled to be able to offer this exquisite pair of cufflinks crafted from an original pair of Rolex watch movements. Though we have sold many pairs of Rolex cufflinks, they always sell long before we can even contemplate listing them here, as our list of private clientele on the waiting list for Rolex cufflinks grab them up fast. But as luck would have it, we have some to offer here in gleaming, exquisite condition, so we can now bring these cufflinks to you. This is a remarkable opportunity to own these absolutely stunning genuine Rolex mechanisms, visibly hallmarked on the surface. These vintage movements are in spectacular condition, with a luminous brushed silver finish and gold lettering around some impressive genuine ruby jewels. This very petite pair of movements elicits an exceptionally refined and elegant appearance, seeming understated at first glance, until closer examination reveals intricate, unrivaled excellence in every detail on an incredible, miniature scale. There is no level of couture that won't be elevated by the addition of this breath-taking amenity. For those who revel in the absolute apex of quality and luxury, this is a pair of cufflinks that you simply cannot do without. Quantities, for obvious reasons, are extremely limited.

Just over 1/2 of an inch (14mm) in diameter.

(Rolex, Rolex Watch Company and the Rolex logo are the sole property of the Rolex Watch Company. Watch-Cufflinks is in no way affiliated with Rolex or its subsidiaries.)

Rolex Petite Round Jeweled Watch Cufflinks 1
Rolex Petite Round Jeweled Watch Cufflinks -  $2495.00

Rolex Petite Round Jeweled Watch Cufflinks 3
Rolex Petite Round Jeweled Watch Cufflinks 2
Rolex Petite Round Jeweled Watch Cufflinks 4


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