Cufflinks Handmade from the Finest Jeweled Swiss Watch Movements Available. These Timepieces are as Beautiful as they are Rare. Select a Unique, One-of-a-kind Gift for Yourself or Someone Special.
  Elegance and Beauty in Watch Movement Jewelry for Discerning Men

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Longines Petite Round Silver Pinstripe Watch Cufflinks -  $465.00

It is essential to take the time to truly appreciate the quality of these fine Longines Swiss watch movement cufflinks. There is no aspect of quality or performance that is compromised by the Longines company in the name of convenience. The more than 140 year history of this commitment is evident throughout the company's existence. In the mid 1800's, Ernest Francillon built a watch factory in Les Longines, Switzerland. The Longines Watch Company has since been the source of many innovations we now take for granted, such as the introduction of the winding stem as opposed to the traditional winding key. Also, in 1912, Longines produced the very first automatic timekeeping device. To this day, Longines continues to offer some of the finest watches available, including both classic and innovative designs with superior accuracy and reliability. Longines continues to be a name associated with both classic elegance as well as quality luxury timekeeping.

This indeed ranks amongst our favorite pair of Longines watch cufflinks. They are, for one, an idyllic size. Measuring a mere half inch in diameter, they create the perfect button size accoutrement for any fine attire. Add the fact that Longines spares nothing in terms of quality and craftsmanship, which is easily evidenced by the sophisticated pinstripe patter that adorns these fine mechanisms, let alone the very appealing contours and crevices that reveal a captivating array of gears, cogs and balance mechanisms. The Longines hallmark is present in finely etched lettering that is complimented by the rich ruby jewels that cannot be ignored. An absolute must-have for any discerning wardrobe.

Approximately 1/2 of an inch in diameter.

Longines Petite Round Silver Pinstripe Watch Cufflinks 1
Longines Petite Round Silver Pinstripe Watch Cufflinks -  $465.00

Longines Petite Round Silver Pinstripe Watch Cufflinks 2
Longines Petite Round Silver Pinstripe Watch Cufflinks 3
Longines Petite Round Silver Pinstripe Watch Cufflinks 4


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